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Rose of Sharon Association Inc.


The Rose of Sharon Association,(R.O.S.A.), is this not for profit organization which proposes to address the spiritual needs of children of today by involving them in programs centered on prayer and the Word of God. In today’s drug and violence-infested communities, it is difficult to impossible for young people to sustain positive patterns of good behavior. Taken as a basis and foundation for living, people can learn to apply the Word of God to their way of life, which will have an ongoing positive impact for them in their homes and their larger communities. We are proposing to open an orphanage home that will be based on the Godly principle of the love of God through Jesus Christ. This home can only succeed.

Rose of Sharon Orphanage Home Proposal

We are presently housing four children, in our home, my seventeen years old son and I. Two of the youths are long term placements the other child is awaiting for kinship adoption and the last is a relative visiting for as long as necessary. However, our vision is to buy the home connected to ours and expand our family with about seven more children.

Orphanages have been given a bad reputation. We propose to change this concept through the love of God by the vision He has given us.


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;Please visit the Home Page of The Orphanages