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To sponsor any of the children in the photos, please click on the photo of the child and fill out the simple sponsorship form. Your sponsorship will greatly change his/her life forever. Sponsor a child at US $30 per month. This covers the costs for feeding, education, medical, clothing, and counseling.
Sponsor Hadija
Sponosr Kasagga Fayizo
Kasagga Fayizo
Sponsor Ekeu Keneddy
Ekeu Keneddy
Sponsor Madina
Sponsor Kisembo Nelson
Kisembo Nelson
sponsor Mahadi Sentongo
Mahadi Sentongo
Sponsor Matovu George
Matovu George
sponsor Matovu Hassan
Matovu Hassani
sponsor Nakato Mariam
Nakato Mariam
sponsor Nabatega Justine
Nabatega Justine
sponsor Nabukeera Hajara
Nabukeera Hajara
sponsor Nakatte Aisa
Nakatte Aisa
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