It is in the heart of God to raise orphans and destitute children and we the founder members of CWAO are privileged to be involved in this humble task .

We know that it is a task we could never accomplish without the helping hand of friends like you .
We indeed pray that you will be encouraged to partner with us to give these children the future they deserve .

CWAO is a non-Governmental ,Independent ,Charity Christian Organisation registered in Uganda since 1993.

The organization is non-denominational and has no formal relationship with any one Church but seeks to interact with all churches as well as bodies and individuals who share the same vision .
We help children regardless of race ,religion or sex especially in the areas of providing education ,medical care and subsistence to the needy children .
CWAO provides spiritual guidance and counseling through holiday camps and seminars organized to teach them the word of God ,life skill and values based on Biblical principles.

At present CWAO is running a sponsorship program and has plans of building a School on the 60 Acre piece of land Cwao already owns.

The School will primarily cater for the orphans and needy children and will also benefit the local community and elsewhere.

The land is also to be used for commercial projects such as farming ,in both crop and animal husbandry .

To day ,orphans remain a burden of extended families although most of these are living from hand to mouth and many of them are victims of AIDS themselves .
In a situation like that, these families who can hardly take care of their own children ,naturally find it almost impossible to take in an extra child .

As more family members succumb to Aids ,the problem becomes even more complex .In fact ,this scenario has been played out over and over again , so that to day we have another unique orphan problem: households headed and managed by children themselves because all grownup relatives have perished .


The mission of CWAO is to bring up orphaned and needy children by finding ways and means of meeting their spiritual ,physical and social needs and reaching out to all the children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ .
The end result is to raise reliable responsible ,resourceful and productive citizens through providing and facilitating the education,instruction ,training and equipping with skills to the children in a Christian set up.
The objective will be achieved by using various means and ways of reaching out to these children .


The number of orphans in Uganda stands at approx. two (2) million out of a total of about 9 million children of ages 0-12 years,and an over all population of 22 million . This buy any standards is a formidable number for even healthy economies to handle .In the case of Uganda ,the economy has been devastated by past wars and political instability,both at national and household level.

The orphan problem is still on going owing to the prevalence of aids and pockets of instability in some areas of the country and it poses a real danger to the development of this country .
Children who miss opportunities for improving themselves today ,will be a big burden to society and of no use to themselves in future .
The problem calls for every compassionate heart to give a helping hand .
In 1992 , a group of women got together to find ways and means to help alleviate the suffering of orphans and to offer support to families which had taken on these children .
That is when CHILD AND WORLD AGAPE OUTREACH WAS BORN (CWAO) was born , a Christian non-Governmental organization .

To date (400) orphans of all ages and religious backgrounds have passed through the caring hands of CWAO and we have had the privilege of having two of our children at University .
Our hearts' desire is that by the year 2005 ,Cwao would have had solicited sponsorship for 2000 orphans and would have managed to send many through vocational Schools and colleges.


This project will be a joint venture between CWAO and the supporting organization which in this case is ..
The two parties through negotiation and discussion will agree upon areas of participation in this project .
CWAO will be responsible for recruiting of orphans /initiation of the project and disbursement of the support and the upkeep of the orphans .
The supporting Organisation/Body will bring in a helping hand by financially supporting the work of CWAO .
The supporting Organisation will determine which support to give .
CWAO will give accountability of all the finances given for individual projects
Each group will take decisions in the line of their responsibility.

1.To provide education to as many orphans and destitute through a sponsorship program ..
2.To provide shelter for the homeless and food for the needy.
3. To promote health care for those who cannot afford it .
4.To bring healing through counseling to the many traumatized children as a result of AIDS, Wars and poverty.
5. To establish an Organisation (CWAO ) that is self -reliant and self-sustaining .



This project will be carried out within the project parameters between the two organizations but will generally have the following components in the set up :
For a good outcome ,the two Organizations must keep in close communication with openness and transparency in all areas of operation and cooperation .
i. Memorandum of cooperation .

here shall be a memorandum of understanding between CWAO and the supporting Organization where the responsibilities of each group is spelt out .
ii. Responsibilities
hild and World Agape Outreach will keep the sponsoring Organization continuously informed on the project progress and present the annual reports .
The supporting Organization will analyse the project proposal of Cwao and make decisions as to which one to support .

ii. Accountability.

CWAO will give accountability to the supporting Organization for any financial assistance remitted for child support .


CWAO is soliciting for support to enable her to continue the ongoing support of orphans in Uganda . Immediate response would help alleviate some of the desperate cases .


1. A Primary /elementary School child needs an average of US $20 per Month for his education .
2. A Secondary /High School child will need on average US $60 or more per Month for his education depending on the School .
3. Putting up a foster home requires a one time Donation of US $7,000 or less or more depending on size and plan.
4. Please note that :

20% of your Donation goes on Administration expenses.

80% goes directly to the child .


To contact Child and World Agape Outreach ;

Write to :

P.O. Box 10327

Kampala Uganda

Tel/fax 256-41-266064

God bless you for helping the orphans of Uganda .

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