“Turning Widows into pleasant women and building a better future for Orphans through the grace of God”.

“To alleviate the widows from poverty and neglect to a sustainable life of comfort and to motivate the orphans to attain a better future through qualitative education and fear of God”.
Caring for the widows and orphans was out of pity for the suffering and the neglected, the orphans lack basic education and care and the widows, alleviating them out of poverty and into Economic Empowerment.


1. To build a better future for the orphans through qualitative Education.
2. To prepare orphans for future leadership role and profitable vocation.
3. To support the HIV/AIDS affected orphans to good health.
4. To create awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention.


Widows Comfort Orphanage: is under construction, model pictures are attached with this proposal. This will accommodate orphans to live comfortably.
* Qualitative Education by sponsoring them.
* Orphans in the orphanage need 150 US dollars per month per orphan for maintenance including feeding, tuition fees, school materials, clothings, medical care, computer training and recreations.
* Orphans outside orphanage- need 50 U.S. dollars per orphan per month for maintenance including feeding, tuition fees, school materials and clothings.






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