1. To support the widows morally, physically, psychologically.
2. To alleviate widows from poverty to sustainable life of comfort.
3. To motivate widows for self-reliance and be self-sustainable.
4. To support and uplift the HIV/AIDS affected to good health.
5. To create awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention.


Widows Centre

1. Enhance the economic status of widows by various skill acquisition in farming in crops and animals e.g poultry, sheep and goats, fashion designing, trading in farm products, cookery, crafts, etc.
2. Counselling sessions to encourage and uplift the heartbroken and support the bereaved, physically and spiritually.
3. Visit and assist the medically sick to good health.
4. The HIV/AIDS patients and people living with HIV/AIDS are visited, and supported to live a comfortable life. ......................................................................................................................... 5.We run conferences and seminers annually for advocacy on the plight of widows and orphans.


Economic Empowerment: Through assisted farming in crops and animal rearing.
i) Animal Blessing Project: The project encourages the widows to help each other to improve their lives by agreeing that the ministry gives a gift of pregnant selected bred animal (sheep or goat) to one family for reproductive purposes, that family will give away to another family one of the offspring (pregnant) to be raised to the reproductive stage. Then the second family, will do same to third family and so on.
Like a stone dropped into a pool of deep water, this gift ripples out for years to come, ending poverty, hunger and despair for widows and orphans in the community and perhaps in some way the entire country.
A gift of pregnant sheep or goat costs – 120 US dollars
ib) Poultry: Rearing of chicken to point of laying eggs from day old chicks. Then giving to each widow ten (10) pullets to start laying eggs which will be sold and the proceeds used to supplement herself and children economically.
This gift to the widow is free from our ministry through your support to the Animal Blessing Project.
A gift of ten pullets at point of producing eggs and one (50kg) bag of layer feed for a start costs – 150 US dollars.
ii) Other Vocational Skills: Such as trading in Farm products, Cookery, Fashion designing, Crafts making etc. trainings are carried out periodically, At the end of each training, widows will be assisted with working tools and machines. There are encouraging responses, when the widows are encouraged to work for their own sustenance.