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Prophetess Mrs.   Elizabeth Okrah  Obeng is a founder and leader of a Christian Prayer Ministry located at Suhum, of the Republic of Ghana. Her position as a leader, counselor afforded her the opportunity to meet people with different shades of problems that require interventions for the purpose of helping them to lead positive lives in future. With this observation serving as a challenge, Elizabeth came-up with a vision of seeing the vulnerable, especially needy children who fall within  the age-band of 0-10yrs being   giving care and protection  until one attains the age of 18yrs and to find himself/herself useful to the community  and the society in general.

With this vision set a non –governmental organization   known as JEHOVAH RAPHA FOUNDATION  


  • To liaise with the Social Welfare Department in the District for the purpose of assessing a child needs and offer the needed support regardless of one’s religious back ground.                                                                                                                                                                
  • To set-up a home to take care of less fortunate infants and children especially orphans and others who  fall within the category of care and protection  in accordance with Ghana’s Children’s Act 560
  • To provide   them   with suitable   shelter,   clothing, food, medics and education until one attains the age of 18yrs.                                                                                                                                                
  • To be in partnership with individuals, organizations, governmental agencies to mobilize resources within and outside the country-GHANA towards funding and support    program for the children.                                                                                                                                           
  • To liaise with the District Educational Directorate to set up a school for the children at the home and to open up such facility to children in the community.



1. A dormitory has been built which is presently stuffed with all the beddings needed.                                                                

2. For the home to assure the kids with good drinking water we embarked on a Water Project which was supported by   individuals and organizations.                                                                                                         

3. All the children at the home have access to the District Health Insurance with the support from the District Assembly                                                      

4. We have 5-member management team that see to the entire management of the home                 

6. With the completion of the water project our spending on water has minimized and that has made us increase the monthly allowances of 8 volunteer-workers.    


LOOKING INTO THE  FUTURE :                                                                                                                                      

The following project has been set in motion which will require a lot of support from you, members of your church, friends, corporate –bodies and partners;                                                                                                    

  • CONSTRUCTION OF 6-UNIT CLASSROOM BLOCK TO REPLACE TEMPORARY HUTS BEING USED AS CLASSROOM (This project is on-going but we need urgent support) the estimated cost of the two-storey building is $150,000.00.                                                                                                                                      
  • EXPANSION OF DORMITORY TO MEET THE INCREASING REQUEST TO US THROUGH SOCIAL WELFARE DEPT.                                                                                                                                                                            
  • SETTING UP INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES   WITH THE PROFIT   TO SUPPORT THE UPKEEP OF THE CHILDREN (This idea is yet to be given a serious consideration)                                                                                                                                                                   


The  existence of the home mainly hinges on donations from members of Jehovah Prayer Ministry,    Mr & Mrs  Maurice Ray, residing in United States, Mr & Mrs Bediako residing in Germany, Derek Obeng residing in South Africa, others individuals and organizations. However with the following project put in- place and considering   the magnitude of resources required towards the execution of such projects’ we find it extremely  reasonable to stretch our  hands for more support in  the form of one- cash donation ,sponsorship for individual -child who will be selected  by the  potential donor  . 










NAME:   Kelvin Boakye                                                                 

DATE OF BIRTH :June 14,2004                                    

 BACKGROUND: Kelvin lost the mother through child birth. The   unemployed   father   left him in the care of a relative who lives in a farming village near Suhum under the pretext of going to  search for a job but has since not returned. His caregiver has three children and her annual income being a farmer is far less than $280.

Kelvin now a lively child was brought to the home looking pale  and malnourished  .He is under our care and   protection .


NAMES: Atta  Odartey no.1  ,               Atta  Odartey  no.2                                       

DATE OF BIRTH:(twins) January,8  2005                 

BACKGROUND:  Both   born on Jan8,2005 in a village near a small town called Amanase  in the Suhum  district in the Eastern region of Ghana. It is recounted that  the twins first day at the home, they were so weak  that they could not be on their feet  for  a minute due to malnutrition.


NAME:  Francis  Akanpe                                              

DATE OF BIRTH: September 19,1997

BACKGROUND: Francis  has lost both parents and was staying with the auntie whose husband will not see eye to eye with this child. He became a victim of maltreatment and resorted looking for food   from unhygienic  sites. His physical appearance on the first day at the home confirmed as he had bruises, wounds on his  left wrist and other parts of his body. He had reached school going age but had not been to school although he is eager to go. His being with us has offered   him the opportunity to start schooling.


NAME:  Christopher Hoga                                                                      

 DATE OF BIRTH: June 5,2002                                    

BACKGROUND: Christopher is very intelligent, lively and good -looking child.  The father   is dead and the mother being a single parent with low income that she derives from her petty trading places her in a situation where she finds it tough to provide the basic needs of Christopher.


NAME:  Agbeko  Atsisey                                                      

DATE  OF BIRTH: October 7,2002                                                       

NAME: John  Atsisey                                                 

DATE OF BIRTH:  October 17,2003

BACKGROUND .These two boys were abandoned  at a central business centre of  Koforidua by  their mother  who is a single-parent and believed to be mentally in-balanced .   Social Welfare Dept officials brought the children to the home for care and protection. 


NAME:  Joseph Dziwornu                                                                         

DATE OF BIRTH: March 14,2000                                                                                            

BACKGROUND: Joseph’s father is not alive, and the unemployed mother struggles before she affords a day’s meal for a household of five. The grandfather who was his caregiver has passed away. He has been admitted at the home .





NAME:  MARCUS KYEI                                                                     

DATE OF BIRTH: March8,2000                                                        

BACKGROUND: The mother is a single parent who is unemployed. Although Marcus has reached   school going age   the  mother could not afford his basic needs. The home has taken up such responsibility but need your support.                  










         NAME: ABRAHAM YABELL                                                                      

DATE OF BIRTH:September23,2001                                                          

BACKGROUND: The father of Abraham who is a Republic of Benin   national cannot be traced. The mother   who takes care of   him has the HIV virus and she is so weak that she has given up her petty trading business. Abraham even though do not have the virus his mother’s situation has affected him and his three other

brothers  so much that he needs care and support.  It is for this reason   that he has been accepted at the home.  You could be part of our team   of sponsors to help this child.                      



NAME:  STEPHEN   KWAME                                                                   

DATE OF BIRTH:  December 1,2001                                                       

BACKGROUND: Kwame was born in a small village  called Korkponya. The father is not alive and the mother  is a farmer whose average income is less than $200 per year finds it very difficult providing for her  three(3) children’s basic neeeds. Besides they are in a hard to reach area which leaves Stephen not gaining access to good nutrition, healthcare, education. He is now with us going through basic educational programme.




NAME:   SELINA  MAWUTSE                                                                                           

DATE OF BIRTH:  January 3,2003                                                                            

BACKGROUND: Selina’s father died and the mother is a single parent. The mother is unemployed and her weak financial position draws a serious setback in catering for Selina’s needs.  Selina is very lively and needs your sponsorship to help the home to provide  for her needs









NAME:   JOSEPHINE   AMI TAMAKLOE                                                                                      

DATE OF BIRTH:  January25,2003                                                                          

BACKGROUND: The mother died out of childbirth. The father is unemployed and had left the child in the care of a relative whose income   is so low that she struggles to have a meal daily. The father has neglected the child since no one knows   his whereabouts. Based on recommendation of the Social Welfare Department   we provide her with shelter, food , clothing, education and healthcare.



NAME:    MARY  KYEREBOA                                                                                           

DATE OF BIRTH: August 28,2002                                                                                                                              

BACKGROUND: Both parents are peasant farmers and their average yearly   income works out to be less than $250.She is one out of seven(7) children of her parents. Mary had no access to good food, very much exposed to mosquitoes due to poor building they live in. The home readily had to accept the recommendations of the District Social Welfare Department and admitted   Mary. She  is currently  doing well as the home takes care of her basic needs.                                                    


NAME:AKUA  NYAMEKYE  OKRAH                                                           

DATE OF BIRTH:DECEMBER21,2006                                         

BACKGROUND:An abandoned baby was brought to the home on December22,2006 by Social Welfare Department. As Ghanaian tradition and custom demands a new born child should have a name so her surname bears OKRAH the middle name of the founder of the  home. Nyamekye  as her middle namemeant(GIFT OF GOD)was not only abandoned but premature baby. She is doing well but we call on you  to sponsor this child.   






NAME: KOFI TETTEH                                                            

DATE OF BIRTH:  NOVEMBER 30,2007                                                                          

BACKGROUND: The mother died during  child  delivery  at  Koforidua  Government Hospital.   He was brought to the Home as a temporary measure by Dept of Social Welfare officials attached to the hospital  as  no one in his mother’s family set-up had come foward  to claim responsibility for his upkeep. Meanwhile the solely responsible for his care and protection.                                   














NAME:ANAF MOHAMMED                                                      

DATE OF BIRTH:APRIL4,2004                                                      

BACKGROUND: The auntie who has been  a caregiver to this boy ever since the mother  abandoned him lives at Hse no.ABC18,ADA A Suburb of Koforidua. Based on Social enquiry conducted by   Department of Social Welfare attached to Koforidua   Government Hospital it was realized that the   child has no access to basic needs and lacks adequate care and protection. It is   this reason that the Dept of Social Welfare recommended   his admission at the home  on the   April10,2008.We humbly request you to support us to help this child.


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